Volvo EWR150E
  • Volvo EWR150E
  • Volvo EWR150E

Volvo EWR150E

Wheeled Excavator 15t

This machine can run on HVO 100

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Volvo EWR150E excavator has been developed to fill the need for a mini hydraulic excavator on wheels. Now you can work efficiently in small and confined spaces without having to think about the rear overhang. EWR150E has been fitted with an environmentally-friendly Volvo Stage IV engine, which has a low diesel consumption and noise level. Eco-mode and advanced boom suspension make the machine a dream to work with both in the field and on the road. Our excavators can also be supplied with trailers.

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  • Stage IV/EPA Tier Tier 4
  • Noise 100
  • Weight 16500kg
  • Height 3080mm
  • Width 2520mm
  • Length 7500mm
  • Excavation depth 5070mm

NB! Technical info is indicative. Anomalies may occur.