Hydrema 707G
  • Hydrema 707G
  • Hydrema 707G

Hydrema 707G

Dump truck 7,0t

This machine can run on HVO 100

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For the best possible stability Hydrema has simply copied the chassis design of the 912-model. The chassis comes with the unique Hydrema articulation with oscillation joint and double hydraulic stabilisers. The machine comes as standard with the multi-tip (swivel tip) this gives the 707G greater flexibility and makes it ideal for working in confined areas.

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  • Weight (kg) 5400
  • Engine - Output (Hp) 75/122
  • Level hopper capacity (m3) 3,5
  • Travel Speed (km/h) 34
  • Load capacity (kg) 6500
  • Height (mm) 1873
  • Width (mm) 2400
  • Height (mm) 2560

NB! Technical info is indicative. Anomalies may occur.