Ausa D150 AHG

Ausa D150 AHG

Dump truck 1,5t

This machine can run on HVO 100

Rent Ausa D150 AHG

The small size of the D150AHG, makes it suitable for minor construction work and work in difficult-to-reach areas such as narrow streets and parks and, with its swing skip, it is perfect for filling ditches. Its permanent 4x4 drive allow it to handle the toughest terrains.

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  • Weight (kg) 1510
  • Engine - Output (Hp) 16.8kW
  • Engine - cylinder (No) 3
  • Travel Speed (km/h) 14
  • Load capacity (kg) 1500
  • Loading capacity (m3) 0,626
  • Height with raised body (mm) 2525
  • Width (mm) 1450
  • Height(mm) 1391

NB! Technical info is indicative. Anomalies may occur.