Remco CLK120

Remco CLK120

Mobile space heater 120kW

This machine can run on HVO 100

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This makes construction independent of the weather because construction on a deadline means that work may be performed during the cold season. Structures, materials, and workstations must then be protected. The mobile devices must be in place only during the desired operating time to provide immediate heat when needed without a preheating time.

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  • Weight (kg) 303
  • Fuel Diesel/HVO100/Parafin/Natural gas
  • Fuel consumption(l/t) 11,8
  • Electrical power (V) 230
  • Power usage (A) 6
  • Watt 900
  • Max power (kW) 110
  • Air flow rate, maximum (m3/t) 7350
  • Length (mm) 2100
  • Width (mm) 920
  • Height (mm) 1350

NB! Technical info is indicative. Anomalies may occur.