Remko ATK25

Remko ATK25

Mobile space heater 32kW

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For drafty buildings, the REMKO ATK 25 oil heater is indispensable. The unit is installed quickly. Fill the tank with EL heating oil or diesel, attach the chimney pipe, switch on the equipment, and the building is soon supplied with pleasant heat. The complicated mounting of tank lines is not necessary. With REMKO ATK 25, the exhaust gases are discharged separately. The room to be heated is thus supplied with clean, warm air. The heater has a handy design and is suited for frequently changing application sites.

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  • Weight (kg) 68
  • Max power (KW) 25
  • Electrical power 230V/50Hz
  • Tank capacity (l) 40
  • Fuel consumption(l/t) 2,51
  • Fuel Diesel
  • Width (mm) 470
  • Height (mm) 685
  • Length (mm) 1235
  • Nominal heat load (kW) 22,5
  • Air volume (m3/h) 1080

NB! Technical info is indicative. Anomalies may occur.