Volvo L25 Electric
  • Volvo L25 Electric
  • Volvo L25 Electric

Volvo L25 Electric

Wheel loader 5,0t

This machine runs on battery

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The Volvo L25 Electric is the latest evolution from the company that has been at the forefront of wheel loader innovation for over 65 years. It delivers the performance you expect, but with the zero emission electric power you only ever dreamed of. No matter what your application, this electric compact wheel loader will deliver – but in a quieter, cleaner and more comfortable way.

Product presentation

  • Weigth (kg) 5000
  • Battery capacity (kWh) 39
  • Lifting capacity (kg) 3300
  • Battery voltage 48
  • On board charging time 230 VAC 16A (hour) 12
  • Off board charging time 400 VAC 32A (hour) 2
  • Indicative runtime, depending on application Up to 8 hours

NB! Technical info is indicative. Anomalies may occur.