Foma G1050E

Foma G1050E


This machine runs on battery

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The FOMA G 1050 E is a professional, powerful sweeper, which comes in battery version for indoor and outdoor use. It has forward and backward operation and all necessary controls for safe and efficient operation. With the double side brushes, the machine has an effective sweep width of 1050 mm. The side brushes and the main brush can easily be raised during transport. The built-in vacuum cleaner can optionally be switched on if fine dust is desired to be removed. The FOMA G 1050 E has a self-adjusting head brush. The machine has a simple emptying system for waste containers. The machine comes with 3 pieces. pre-programmed sweeping products for light, medium and hard sweeping. These programs can also be customized to each user. FOMA G 1050 E is battery operated, with space for up to 4 pcs. 6 volts 210 amp. batteries. The machine is ideal for sweeping larger department stores, parking lots, sidewalks, storage areas, parking garages, etc. Batteries and chargers are ordered separately.

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  • Weight (kg) 174
  • Speed (km/t) 6
  • Noise level (dB(A)) 63
  • Power (V) 110/210
  • Waste container(L) 70
  • Width (mm) 816
  • Height (mm) 1460
  • Length (mm) 1400
  • Capacity (m3/t) 5860

NB! Technical info is indicative. Anomalies may occur.