HSE i Rental Group

The Rental Group maintains a constant focus on health, safety and the environment. Our goal is for all work to be carried out without injury to people or damage to property or the environment. By promoting active participation and good internal communication, we aim to ensure that safety always remains a top priority at work, for both our employees and our customers. We have clear HSE guidelines for all operations involving potential risks. Ensuring a good working environment throughout the organisation is important for increasing commitment to and active participation in safety procedures.


Everyone Safe Home – Every day!

Rental Group’s overall goal is for everyone to get home safely – every day! We particularly focus on safety for our employees and have created our own Safety Culture Program.

  • In Rental Group, we must care about each other, and take care of each other.
  • Our safety culture program spans several years with one goal: We all go Home Safe – every day.
  • Therefore, we must stop, think and talk to each other when we are faced with a difficult or dangerous situation.

The Rental Group works to limit our footprint on the environment and ensure a greener future. Read more about Sustainability in Rental Group.