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RG Tunnel is specialised in renting equipment to the mining and tunnelling sector. We offer a wide range of specialised equipment and can deliver complete solutions for large projects. RG Tunnel has extensive industry experience and unrivalled expertise in project management. We have a comprehensive service apparatus with cutting-edge expertise in repairs and maintenance of our equipment.


Machines and equipment:

  • Drilling and bolting rigs
  • Spray rigs and worm pumps
  • Tunnel rigs
  • Scissor, boom and conveyor lifts
  • Work platforms
  • Water treatment equipment
  • Suction flushing vehicles and hot water high-pressure cleaners
  • Excavators and breaking hammers
  • Air reels and ventilation equipment
  • Power supply equipment
  • Containers
  • Lifting equipment
  • Specialised equipment


See the Rental Group product catalogue for a detailed overview.


Specialised equipment

RG Tunnel has expertise in delivering and adapting specialised equipment for challenging operations and purposes. We collaborate closely with our suppliers on developing specialised equipment.


Partner of choice

Together with our colleagues at RG Machine, RG Crane, RG Ekspert, RG Mobility, RG Service and RG Trading we can offer complete and flexible solutions.

Contact information

RG Tunnel AS
Company ID: 925 769 355
Address: Kokstadflaten 11, 5257 Kokstad
Postal address: Svegeskogen 2, 4400 Flekkefjord
E-mail: post.tunnel@rentalgroup.com
Phone: +47 412 08 400
Kato Stien

Kato Stien
Managing director RG Tunnel
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Petter Johnsen

Petter Johnsen
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André Mjelstad

André Mjelstad
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Åge Nessestrand

Åge Nessestrand
Machine manager
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Martin Ørevik

Martin Ørevik
Administrative Manager
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Asbjørn Johan Fossmark

Asbjørn Johan Fossmark
Project Manager
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Johan Haltorp

Johan Haltorp
Project Manager
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