Rental Group ServiceRental Group Service

RG Service is a complete partner that services, maintains and repairs construction machinery, heavy vehicles and other specialised machines used in the construction industry. We are the most dynamic service workshop in the market, with skilled professionals at call-out service locations and our own workshops. We have our own operations managers and mechanics who ensure ongoing monitoring of the machinery on large projects.



We carry out repairs, servicing and maintenance on all types of heavy equipment and vehicles. Our mechanics have extensive experience and cutting-edge expertise in heavy-duty machinery and ancillary equipment. Our workshops in Vikersund and Solbergelva have the necessary space, specialised equipment and skills to handle heavy equipment.


Call-out service

Our call-out service department consists of experienced operations managers and maintenance mechanics who carry out repairs throughout the country. We have well-equipped service vehicles, and our largest trucks are equipped with everything from tools, welding equipment, electricity, air and cranes to enable heavy-duty and complex repairs at the various sites. On large sites, we establish our own workshops to perform ongoing repairs and maintenance. Our operations manager coordinates all the machinery for large projects, in addition to coordinating and following up on service agreements with other machine suppliers.


Welding and construction

Our qualified technical staff in the welding and construction department are specialists in weld repairs on heavy equipment and vehicles. We have extensive experience and wide-ranging expertise in wear-resistant steel and excavator bucket repairs. We can carry out the work at both our permanent locations and at our mobile workshops on the various sites. We build and construct equipment with good documentation and tailored to the client’s needs.


Paint and bodywork repairs

We perform paint and bodywork repairs on heavy equipment and vehicles. Our experienced and highly skilled employees repair damaged equipment for developers, insurance companies and other clients.


Certification of heavy equipment

We are approved to certify all types of heavy equipment. Certification is required by the authorities. We can carry out inspections at our workshops or at project sites.


Tyre service

We change, align, service and repair all types of tyres for heavy equipment and HGVs. In addition to our permanent workshops, we have the equipment and employees required to change tyres on construction sites. Our large warehouse also ensures a quick response and delivery time.


Parts department

We have a comprehensive stock of parts for heavy equipment and HGVs. Our parts depot also carries an extensive range of oils and filters.


A complete service partner

RG Service is your complete service partner for maintenance, repairs and inspections of the required equipment for all construction projects. We have highly experienced employees with specialist expertise, substantial capacity and extensive availability. Together with our colleagues at RG Machine, RG Crane, RG Tunnel, RG Ekspert, RG Mobility and RG Trading we can offer complete and flexible solutions.

Contact information

Rental Group Service AS
Company ID: 934 176 472
Address: Heggenveien 30, 3370 Vikersund
Postal address: Postboks 73, 3371 Vikersund
Phone: +47 412 08 400
Vegard Gjellum

Vegard Gjellum
Managing director Rental Group Service
+47 975 50 698

Stein Andre Nyberg

Stein Andre Nyberg
Department manager
+47 415 79 495 / Workshop +47 413 79 979

Benny Skålien Karlsen

Benny Skålien Karlsen
Department manager Call-out service
+47 970 73 513

Tore Hansen

Tore Hansen
Key Account Manager
+47 909 75 423

Geir Stian Nilsen

Geir Stian Nilsen
Service manager paint/body/decor
+47 917 65 530

Magne Sundbø Storrusten

Magne Sundbø Storrusten
Service manager welding/construction
+47 465 04 257

Arne Vidar Martinsen

Arne Vidar Martinsen
Sales manager cargo and tyres
+47 928 55 690

Kine Marie Dahl

Kine Marie Dahl
Finance Manager
+47 958 71 961

Nina Hæhre

Nina Hæhre
HR Coordinator
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